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Odornet® Deodorizer Technology offers the best odor control solutions to remove permanently on contact (by chemical neutralization / capsulation / counteraction methods) wide range of malodors including odors from urine, vomit, feces, soiled diapers,  pets, kitty litter, dead animals, rotting flesh, food, fish smell, cooking, garbage smell, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, amine, aldehyde, cigarette smoke, gasoline smell,  musty/mildew odors, kitchen odors, bathroom odors, basement odors, grease trap odors & sewage odors.

Odornet® Deodorizer is a water soluble  proprietary formulation specifically designed to neutralize on contact (NOT MASK) a wide range of malodors. The formulation chemistry is uniquely designed to chemically react and permanently neutralize and remove malodors including acidic (hydrogen sulfide, skunk smell, ... ), alkaline  (ammonia, urine, fish smell, ... ) and neutral (body, putrid, ..) odors. When sprayed, Odornet® Deodorizer mist particles react with odor causing gases of organic and inorganic materials and converts them into stable and non toxic compounds.

Odornet® Deodorizer formulation is completely water soluble.  It is alcohol free. It contains ingredients that have been proven to be very effective and safe for deodorizing. The ingredients are safe for people and pets and are eco friendly.

Odornet® Deodorizer is a highly effective product that acts to destroy odors, not just cover them up like standard fragrance systems. It does this by neutralizing acid, alkaline or neutral odor causing molecules by a method of chemical reaction converting them into odorlesss and harmless chemical products. THAT’S THE ODORNET® ADVANTAGE.

Odornet® products are available in concentrated or Ready-To-Use (RTU) formulations. Odornet® formulations can be sprayed or fogged into the air, or applied directly to the source of the odor problems.

Odornet® Deodorizers were developed for the control of major industrial and household type odors and are used worldwide.